Varvara Misheneva

Baltimore, MD, USA

Last updated December 14, 2020

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A Little About Me

My name is Varvara and I live in Baltimore with my husband and our daughter. I was born in a small Siberian town in Russia where later I went to college. I moved to the United States about ten years ago with only $460 to my name and the desire to pursue the American Dream. Being a new immigrant, I had to work variety of jobs, including substitute teacher, nanny and fitness instructor, while taking ESL classes in a local high school. After my English improved, I focused my attention on medical field, where I found my inspiration to become a Physician Assistant (PA). For the past 4 years, I have been working in Johns Hopkins University research, while taking prerequisites for a P.A. program in a community college. Whenever I do not work and free from school I enjoy dance fitness and hiking with my husband, daughter and our Goldendoodle. I am applying for this scholarship to be able to afford the PA program at Augsburg University where I was accepted for the class of 2023. I want a career in which I will make a difference in my patients’ quality of life and make my daughter proud of me. By persevering in new situations and solving problems, I will be ready for private practice, in mental health or a related field, where I can build long-term relationships with my patients.

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Whenever I do not work and free from school I enjoy dance fitness workout and choreographing.



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