Tuere Cunningham

Tuere Cunningham

Tumwater, WA, USA

Last updated December 31, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

Dreams so powerful they are already a reality, art that can change the world.

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I am an 18-year-old living in Washington State. But I wouldn't consider myself an average 18-year-old Washingtonian. My family and I have impacted over 8,000 families during Covid-19 here in Tumwater and Aberdeen through our non-profit "The Moore Wright Group" (Our website is provided in "Digital Me"). I have the privilege to support young girls in the foster care system to get them the things they need through my program "Tuere Gives". I have the ability to take classes at a community college as a running start student. I have also been accepted to 58 colleges so far through the common App and Common Black College App. And most of all I have been blessed with artistic skills, which I continue to develop and improve upon. I am absolutely in love with art, especially animation. I wish to impact the hearts of this world through tv-series and movies. 80% of this world watches tv, so if I can create a film that can go national it is possible that 80% of the world will see it. And nothing is impossible if I put my mind to it. I plan to graduate college with a BFA and make my way up the competitive chain of the animation and entertainment industry. That pretty much summarizes me, an artist with dreams to change this world. (Feel free to email me with any questions, or requests. My email is in the "Digital Me" section as well.)

Interesting Factoid

I have created my own nonprofit program called "Tuere Gives" aimed to help girls within the foster care system get the things and support they need.


A little Spanish (Still learning)

What I Do  

Professional Experience

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

Investigative Assistant

Oct 2018 - Present
My job was to check, small stores that sell cannabis products to make sure they aren't selling to underaged teens. I enter the store and attempt to buy a cannabis product. If the store sells the item to me, I give it to my boss and they report the store. If they check my idea and reject my purchase, the store is not reported and is taken off the list. I am normally driven to each store by an investigator or police officer and they follow me into the story to make sure I am safe while I attempt to buy the product. Currently, I am still hired by them but I am not working due to covid-19.

What I Stand For  

Volunteer Experience

Tumwater, WA, USA

Jan 2017 - Present
My parents are the ones to own this non-profit, but my grandfather originally created it; his name is Jesse Moore (Hence the name of the organization). Aside from my parents being at the top, I am in leadership below them, I usually help lead our volunteers to help them know what to do. We have been more active during covid-19 due to the needs in the community. We give PPE items such as masks, hygiene items, and clothing to organizations that will help families and individuals or we give directly to the families ourselves.



School Work
Digital Art


Forza Horizon 4
Game of Life

Music Genres, Groups & Artists

Electro Swing Music
Christian Rap

Sports, Teams, Athletes




Bucket List  

Leave College Debt Free

My biggest dream is to achieve my academic goals without worrying about debt at the end of it all.



Ag West Black Hills High School

Sep 2017 - Present

Clubs and Communities

Technology Student Association


Sep 2019 - Sep 2020
I joined the club in 2018 and slowly made it to the top as vice-president. The Technology Student Association is a student-led club based around innovative students. Every year we participate in the state competition hoping to make it to nationals. The competition is made up of small compartments such as robotics, music, fashion, and even graphic design. Students are able to choose up to 4 of the areas to participate in. They have about a month and a half to prepare the needed materials. The competition is a 2-day event, not only consisting of the competition itself but leadership seminars and socializing events. TSA club members from all over Washington are there to compete. I had to step down as the vice-president due to the stress of the senior year and focusing on scholarships and college applications.

Academic Interests