Sydney Markel

Sydney Markel

South Point, OH, USA

Last updated November 24, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

"Though she be but little, she is FIERCE!" - Shakespeare

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

South Point High School is a public school in the village of South Point, Ohio. I am currently graduating third in my class with a 4.0. My name is Sydney Markel. Since grade school I have set academic goals for myself and held myself to achieving those goals. I wanted the President’s award and straight A’s award as well as getting into the honor society in grade school. In middle school, I wanted the student athlete award for playing multiple sports while achieving straight A’s and being inducted in the Honor Society there. In High School I have set my sights on honors classes, maintaining straight A’s and achieving awards at Marshall Scores. It has also been my goal to get into Rho Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, and the National Honor Society. My goals will not stop after high school. It is my desire to further my education at Kentucky Christian University where I intend to make the Dean’s list and continue to maintain the straight A expectations I set for myself so long ago, in order to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling. I hope to become a mental health and addiction counselor so that I may use my education and abilities to help others.

Interesting Factoid

I was born with a mass in my stomach. I was taken to several doctors and many tests were ran before they decided I needed a surgery. Just before the surgery, after being anointed at church, the mass was gone!



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