Sharleen Esico

San Jose, CA, USA

Last updated October 21, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I'm a third year Business Management student with strong aspirations in hopes for new opportunities. Before being admitted into San Jose State University, I've been highly involved in cross country, track and field, and student leadership for all of my four years of high school. Within my years at Armijo High School, I've held various leadership positions such as Sophomore class President, Junior class President and ASB President. My experience as an SJSU student has given me opportunities to be more in touch with my cultural and on campus community. The positions I've held have brought out my passion in working with people and event production/planning/managing. I'm a proud Asian-American female leader that is inspired to make the world a better place through a positive attitude. My experience as an involved student has taught me to be an effective team player and leader. I value working within groups equally as working individually. I love working in teams, being enthusiastic, talking in front of groups and expanding my comfort zone.

Interesting Factoid

My favorite condiment is ranch dressing.



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