Richard Van Sickle from Univar Solutions

Richard Van Sickle

Customer Solutions Rep at Univar Solutions

Westerville, Ohio, USA

Last updated December 31, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

It is never too late to follow your calling and work toward your goals. Since I was a teenager, I have always thought about becoming a nurse. I have always wanted to do something that helps others and I thought nursing would be the best way to do this. After high school, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and spent much of my time in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. So, when it came time to decide what to do with my life, I became discouraged and did not want to spend more time in hospital’s in clinics, as it was a reminder of my own illness. Deciding not to go into nursing led me to a life of many types of jobs and roles that have always left me feeling unfulfilled. I have worked in food service, retail, customer service and so many other positions. While in these positions I have always felt that I am not living up to my full potential, so I continued to search for how I can fill the hole inside of me. My one question in every interview is “are there opportunities for advancement with your company?”. I thought perhaps that climbing the corporate latter would eventually help me feel complete somehow. As of now, it has not. This year has truly taken its toll on us all and opened my eyes. Watching the news and seeing the number of cases of Covid-19 rising every day, I began to think to myself, “what can I do to help?”. Finally, I came to the realization that my desire to help others outweighed my distain for spending more time in a hospital. I have many friends who are nurses and I have to say they are truly inspiring to me. Most work 20+ hours of overtime a week, travel to areas in crisis because of the nursing shortage, and spend more time caring for their patients than seeing their own families. They do all of this to help those that cannot help themselves. Seeing them make these sacrifices and do their part during the pandemic has helped me see that this is the fulfillment I have been searching for since I was a kid. After graduation, I plan to do so much with my degree and education. Obtaining my Associates Degree of Nursing is only the first step in my educational goals. I plan to go back right away while working as a nurse to earn my bachelor’s degree and possibly even working towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Other than educational goals, I also have goals for contributing to my community. I would like to spearhead an effort to open a shelter in my community. The shelter will be for LGBTQ+ youth that are disowned by their family once they come out. Though we live in a progressing world, not all those who come out are accepted by those that they love. My thought is that being a nurse I can ensure these kids stay safe and healthy. All that I want to do with my life is to help others and do my part to make my community and they world a better place.

Interesting Factoid

I had the opportunity to work on several television shows when I lived in LA.



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People Matter



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I love food!


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Music is life!

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Cincinnati Bengals
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