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Houston, TX, USA

Last updated October 31, 2020

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I am from Houston, TX-born and raised. (H-Town 4 life) Most people call me Kyle because that’s my middle name. If you ever want to call me by name, Richard or Kyle is perfectly fine. I am an African-American male and my preferred pronouns are "he," "him," and "his." I will be attending The University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois as an incoming freshman. Additionally, I aspire to double major in Biology ?(don’t know what specialty) and music for vocal performance. ? I’m a Sagittarius. ♐️ I will be attending medical school following my undergrad program to eventually become a general surgeon. As far as the vocal performance part, I LOVE ALL GENRES OF MUSIC, but I aspire to be a gospel recording artist one day and be awarded 10 Grammys for Gospel Music. (Idk why I chose that number lol) I sing 24/7! Some of my hobbies include singing, writing music, working out at the gym(I kinda think I’m addicted to bc I go like 5-6 days out of the week lol), swimming, teaching vocal technique, watching movies, learning about medical “anything,” and having fun with friends and family. I am a Christian. My favorite superhero and movie is Aquaman followed by War Room, and The Shack.?‍♂️??If anyone would like to debate about Aquaman, plz hit me up lol ?. I watch Netflix a lot. Some of my fav shows are Gotham, Merlin, The 100, and How to Get Away With Murder.



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