Rebekah Harry

Rebekah Harry

Chicago, IL, USA

Last updated December 12, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

Living to impact one person every day - seeking to serve as a counselor and equine therapist.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I am a missionary kid, who has grown up in an impoverished, African-American neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. In high school, I interned at an equine therapy stable, serving at-risk youth with mental health challenges. I am a natural leader and teacher, who challenges problems and strives for positive change. I have excelled in school and volunteer work as an organizer, analyzer, and perfectionist. As a college student, I am pursuing a degree that will enable me to provide counseling and equine therapy in a location of need. I enjoy bringing people and animals together to find healing. I passionately work to provide struggling children with security and purpose.

Interesting Factoid

I love wearing colorful flannels, especially paired with cowboy boots!



Countries Visited

Map View

Puerto Rico

What I Do  

Professional Experience

Agape Community Center

Children and Teens Leader

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
I was hired to work in the after-school program and children's choir hosted at Agape Community Center. I tutored children, grades first to eighth, and assisted them with homework. I assisted in leading lessons and electives, including crafts and dance. Primarily, I supervised children and developed relationships with them.

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Mental Health
Modern Slavery
Child Abuse
Domestic Abuse
Human Trafficking
Racial Justice

Volunteer Experience

Chesterton, IN, USA

Jun 2015 - Present
After years of volunteering one day a week, I have interned and lived on the property the past two summers. I counseled up to fifteen equine therapy clients weekly. I handled horses daily and trained them twice weekly. I performed barn chores and feeding for thirty animals, many of which are rescues. I assisted the veterinarian, farrier, and equine massage therapist. I worked to maintain the property and performed office work for the non-profit. This ministry fueled my passion to pursue equine therapy.

New Hope Fellowship

Chicago, IL, USA

Aug 2016 - Present
I have been a member of this church for most of my life and I love serving the congregation. I have taught children's Sunday School monthly for a couple years. I frequently served with the audio/visual team. I occasionally assisted in nursery during the service or sang with the worship team. Since our services have been virtual, I have served as a prayer leader and performed the call to worship.
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Walking Black Lab
Writing Poetry
Attending Musicals
Horseback Riding

Food & Drinks

French Toast Casserole
Fruit Smoothies
Homemade Pizza

Music Genres, Groups & Artists

Broadway Musicals
Contemporary Christian
Christian Rap
Movie Soundtracks

Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses

Mission Impossible

The Mandalorian

Bucket List  

Learn Spanish

I have only studied Spanish for a couple of years, although I am continuing this pursuit in college. I wish to eventually be fluent, as I believe the ability to communicate with Spanish-speakers will be incredibly beneficial in counseling and social justice work.

Visit Africa

I have dreamed of visiting Africa and pouring into a community need there for most of my life. It is a place that I care deeply about as my family has financially supported African children for most of my life.
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Psychology and Equine Studies

Aug 2020 - Present

Academic Interests

American History

Extracurricular Activities

Chicago Children's Choir