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Rajiv Parikh

CEO at Position2

Palo Alto, CA, USA

Last updated November 14, 2020

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Seeker, grinder and connector.

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A Little About Me

I am the founder and CEO of Position², an award-winning digital marketing agency that accelerates demand through integrated Content Marketing, Paid Acquisition, and Marketing Technology solutions. Position² has 200 talented co-creators in the US and Asia with clients around the world. Our mission is to scale digital marketing for super ambitious brands. We live to build markets for innovators. The company was originally funded by Accel India. We bought them out in 2019 - everyone won. We've been at it since 2005. Given my persona, I never thought I'd stick with this so long, but it's really fun and our clients and team are amazing. I started a number of companies prior to that hoping to change the world. First was Apeiron, a company built to make it easier to breathe for asthmatics, then came Zetaplex, an AI company that was just too early for its time. Prior to that, I worked in entrepreneurial situations at larger companies. At NCR, I sold technology to large commercial firms that had no idea who we were. At Sun Microsystems, I led a product marketing team on a new Data Center system software bundle. At AltaVista, I built a new B2B division that productized and sold the industry-leading search technology to e-commerce and internet firms. It was the Internet Bust of 2000 that got me to quit and try my hand at building my own company. Now that my kids at various colleges, I think about my experience at the University of New Hampshire and Harvard Business School a ton. At UNH, I did my BSEE and was a Sig Ep brother where I played foosball with Marty every day. I lean on the engineering approach quite a bit when I think about productizing my services business. Being in a fraternity gave me a ready place to socialize after hours of study. Going to HBS was a dream come true. I got to immerse myself in the creative destruction and transformation of business and network with an incredible network of people who continue to be part of my life today. I'm very fortunate when it comes to family. I met Bhairavi when I was 15. Her family moved to NH and looked up Indian names in the phone book. My parents invited her family for dinner. A year later, we started dating. We married 7 years later, right out of college. We had our first son 1 month before I started at HBS. Then, we had a child every 2 years until we tapped out at 4 - 2 boys, 2 girls. When they are around, the house is electric. I have 2 younger brothers, both now have amazing wives and kids of their own. My brother-in-law and his ex-wife have 3 kids that feel like my own. I admire my parents. My father came to the US in 1964 with $11k in debt to go to school. He married his childhood sweetheart 2 years later. Through their example, I learned the value of family, relationships, industriousness, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. They are also my best friends. One of the most important lessons that my father and mother imparted was to never give up on people. Folks in your family and friend circle might delight or disappoint you but stick with them. They will grow, so play for the long run. That philosophy has led to a wonderful collage of friends and networks. I feel as much affection for my Goffstown High School friends as I do my Sig Ep brothers and HBS alumni. I get to share my experiences with my cousins, uncles, aunts, in-laws, nieces, and nephews. I have friends around the world who come through all these experiences, many of whom are my clients. I love the Silicon Valley and Bangalore community. They have the passion and optimism that drives us all to make a difference. This ability to connect and grow is why I'm so pumped about what Pankaj is doing with Sparrows.

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I can do 1 arm, 1 leg pushups.



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Oct 2005 - Present
* Leading a fast-growing digital marketing firm with industry-leading clients around the world. Offices are in the Silicon Valley and Bangalore. * Successfully diversified the company across paid search, SEO, creative development, media planning & buying, web/app development, marketing automation and social media marketing services.

SVP - Business Development

Jan 2012 - Sep 2012
Led Business Development, Agency Alliances and New Market Development for top provider of Social Brand Marketing systems for Enterprises. * Led and completed successful $22 million C round fundraising effort * Transitioned Position2 Brand Monitor technology & team * Completed a number of partnerships with key marketing agencies
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Innovation & Technology
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Peter Gabriel
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New England Patriots
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Top Gun
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MBA, Entrepreneurship and New Product Development

1996 - 1997

BS, Electrical Engineering

1986 - 1990