Pooja Bhansali from FightPandemics

Pooja Bhansali

Volunteer - Data Analysis and HR at FightPandemics

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Last updated September 4, 2020

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I have always been a numbers person, with exceptional mathematics and computer skills. I am fluent in different data management, data modeling, data visualization, statistical modeling techniques and software, including SQL, Python, R, and Tableau.

What I Do  

Professional Experience

ZypMedia Inc.

Business Operation Analyst

Feb 2020 - Present
- Build analytical data infrastructure to run ad-hoc operations, analyze KPIs, Campaign pacing granular to key performance. - Business intelligence to visualization, troubleshooting, to support revenue delivery, identify fraud clicks, business strategy operations. - I managed automation process of data integrations and optimize the campaign on ZypMedia platforms others platform, in every campaign I build managing strategy, audience targeting and analyzing results to optimize response rates. - Performed data analysis queries (PostgreSQL) on Amazon Redshift to prepare campaign delivery reports, review campaign status daily, mitigate under-performance, resolve creative/technical related issues and establish KPI/targets for other analysts in the team. - Analyzed the performance of DSPs based on metrics like impressions, VCR, CPM and media costs for different platforms (OTT, Display, Video/Preroll) to help improve the advertising value chain between Publishers and Advertisers. - Technologies: Microsoft Excel reporting features, VBA, SQL Redshift, Trello, CRM, DataXu, Power BI, Datorama, Jira.

lettrs, Software That Makes Mobile Meaningful

Business Analyst

Dec 2015 - Jan 2017
- I create end-to-end data extension, drip campaign creation, target them through email and other social medium. - Foster magnificent data-driven product quality conclusions and manage multiple projects using Mongodb, Excel. - Lead in generating quick users feedback on new feature in beta we looking to release to improve efficiency. - Campaign Facebook marketing ads, identify bugs, collaborate with engineering team to test and resolve. - I mainly focus more on user’s engagement strategy, where we have to analyze the user’s activity and inactivity using the app based on that we are targeting. - Organized the results to gained on dashboards content, suggest improvements by creating an enriching experience to proven track record for Impact End User open rate app.
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What I Stand For  

Volunteer Experience


San Francisco Bay Area

Jun 2020 - Present
FightPandemics is an altruistic platform created in the wake of COVID-19 that connects people and organizations in need of help with those that can provide it. In fostering these vital connections, we empower communities to respond more quickly and effectively to the crisis. Our vision is to create a world where humans are more resilient to emergencies. We are a global group of volunteers that came together to make a difference and are actively looking for other highly-dedicated individuals to join us. Responsibilities: • Scrapping and Data Cleaning all the data available from identified sources. • Coordinating with data manager the format and the destination of the data. • Verify and Review the quality of the data. • Manage on-boarding, seamless on-boarding for new volunteers. • Handle systematic people data management.



California State University, Hayward

Master of Science, Business Analytics