Pin Li

Pin Li

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

Last updated September 3, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

A candidate for the Master of Science in pursuit of a career as a data-driven decision-maker

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I am Pin, currently a candidate for the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Simon Business School, University of Rochester. I have two years of work experience in B2B project management and B2C business analyst. I am a storyteller as an analyst, a photographer, and a Tik-Tok content creator.

Interesting Factoid

I am a diet-food recipe explorer and a Tik-Tok content creator.



What I Do  

Professional Experience

Banggood Inc.

Business Analyst

- Collaborated with cross-functional teams to determine business requirements, priorities, define metrics & key performance indicators (KPI), developed business intelligence reports to support company objectives and goals. - Utilized SQL and Hadoop environments to leverage eCommerce customer transactional, behavioral & demographic data and performed statistical & predictive modeling using Excel and Python to drive product development and customer experience. - Created ad-hoc queries and ad-hoc analysis to identify product improvement opportunities in product advertising and listing. - Summarized data into analytical, comprehensible interactive reports with advanced Excel and Tableau by translating highly technical, detailed insights into recommendations for decision making in business.

Banggood Inc

Lean Project Manager

- Directed 9-person high performance team that launched 3 high value-added projects (A-level) and 16 B/C-level projects; A-level projects reduced costs of over $2,000/month and won the Annual Innovation Award from the company leadership. - Designed new workflows and listed requirement changes needed on B2B platform, eg. ERP and warehouse management system; Visualized process with EdrawMax flow charts and demonstrated UI with Axure; Assessed pre-project values with cost analysis and predictive analysis, tested post-project values using SQL retrieved data and visualized after-action-reviews using Tableau. - Managed Projects applying Agile methodology responsible for long-term profit/loss and growth, forecasting and budgeting for assigned projects; Defined goals with and delegated tasks to five departments (Sales, Sourcing, Logistics, IT, Warehousing).
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Diet food



SIMON BUSINESS SCHOOL, University of Rochester

Master of Science, Business Analytics

Bachelor of Science, Supply Chain and Information System

Clubs and Communities

Simon Vision Consulting

Business Analyst

- Consulted with a local manufacturing company interested in entering a new market and recommended strategy for launching. - Identified existing customer needs and demographic attributes by retrieving transactional data using SQL; Setting up Google Analytics (GA) on client’s eCommerce site for user behavior data collection; Coached client basic use of GA. - Researched waterproof material market for new potential customers and manufacturers via market source, eg. MarketLine.

Academic Interests

Supply Chain
Data-driven Decisions
Digital Marketing