Perry Knickerbocker

Perry Knickerbocker

Meadville, PA, USA

Last updated January 1, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

I have so far read everything I was assigned in high school and in college. Books, articles, journals, you name it. I bet Hermione would be proud.

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I'm almost 20 years old and my life has been a windy road to where I am now. I was in the top 10 of my high school and couldn't wait to get out of high school. I moved far away for college to study art therapy and psychology but between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I went overseas to Europe with my best friend. We went to many different countries, and even though she's my best friend I was glad for the trip to only be two and a half weeks and not two and a half months. I had been thinking about this trip since ninth grade so it was a dream come true. Every sight was incredible, every taste of food was fantastic, and everything was amazing. Except for one of the chaperones on the trip. All she did was complain about everything and didn't appreciate that she got a chance some can only dream of. Both my friend and I were on the last straw with this lady, but my friend was the one to break. My friend let this lady know what was going though her mind. I didn't have time to pop any popcorn, but it did put into perspective that it was important to take care of your friends and make sure you got a few close ones.

Interesting Factoid

The naked sphinx cats are my favorite animals even though most people don't agree that they are cute.


Basic American Sign Language
Basic Italian
Basic Braille

Countries Visited

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United States of America

What I Do  

Professional Experience

Team Member

Jun 2018 - Jun 2020
Customer service while making a friendly environment for the customers with great food

Dietary Aide

May 2020 - Present
Help serve meals and prepare drinks for the next day

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Mental Health
Social Distancing
Climate Change

Volunteer Experience

Cochranton Area Public Library

2015 - 2018
Circulation desk worker to help people with questions and managing the books being checked in and out




Food & Drinks

Homemade Smoothies
Honeycrisp Apples
Swiss Cheese

Music Genres, Groups & Artists


Bucket List  

Move to Australia

I'm going to move to Australia when I'm done with my studies and reside there permanently to help develop art therapy over there. I also want to enjoy my life somewhere I want to be.

Relax on a beach with just me and my friends

Crowds now give me too much anxiety so my best dream would to be there with just my friends and not have to worry about anyone else
+1 more item on bucket list



Art Therapy and Psychology

Aug 2019 - Present

Clubs and Communities

Residential Life

Community Advisor

Aug 2020 - Present
Help the residents on my hall with any issues and make sure that they're all doing good

Academic Interests