Oliver Swinburne

Oliver Swinburne

Designer and Illustrator

Alvaiázere, Portugal

Last updated March 10, 2021

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I grew up in a small village in the North East of the UK until moving to London following University to pursue a career in Graphic Design. After a short while in the wondrous world of Fortnum & Mason, I landed a role working to deliver the financial industry the best corporate annual events each year in some of the city's top hotels. A few years there I was off, travelled the world for a bit until moving to Portugal where I live and work now as a freelance illustrator and designer. I may have brushed past the last few years or so :)

Interesting Factoid

I am an identical twin! He lives in the UK and yes, we can feel each other's pain.

Countries Visited

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New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America

What I Do  

Professional Experience

Senior Designer

Jul 2018 - Present

Created overall brand for Simple Flying and it's sub-channels and innovations.
Simple Flying is the world's fastest-growing aviation site. We cover the latest commercial aviation news, the best travel credit cards, and guides on how to travel and fly better.

Your Big Tomorrow

Freelance Designer and Illustrator

Aug 2017 - Present

I'm a freelance illustrator and designer based in Lisbon specialising in digital and print pieces as well as branding projects.

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