Noe Hawkins

Noe Hawkins

Foley, AL, USA

Last updated November 25, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I am a driven and caring person with a huge passion for the pediatric nursing field!

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I was born with gastroschisis (a condition in which the baby is born with its intestines on the outside of its body) as well as cerebral palsy. Because of this, I have spent a lot of time in hospitals, as I often experience complications due to gastroschisis. One of my most memorable hospital stays was a four-month-long period in which I became emotionally, mentally, and physically drained. During this time, I had to have three major abdominal surgeries in which part of my intestines had to be removed, resulting in an ostomy bag. At this hospital, I was a victim of medical malpractice daily, as the doctors essentially treated me like a lab rat, ultimately worsening my condition, causing my body to go into septic shock 3 times. During times of severe trauma, excruciatingly painful testing, and emotional heartache, my nurses gave me comfort, offered support, and empathized with what I was going through like no one else could. Every day when I begin to think about my medical experiences, I am so grateful for the nurses who allowed me to cry on their shoulder, help me with my school work, and ultimately talk to me about the future, giving me hope that I was even going to have one. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be a nurse so that I could help others in the same way. I want to turn my past pain into something positive. Through practicing as a nurse, I will be able to empathize with my patients in a way that many other people are unable to. Ultimately, it is my dream to give back to the same community that gave me so much by becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Interesting Factoid

I have written and directed a commercial pertaining to the effects of underage drug abuse.



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Social Causes

Mental Health
Suicide Prevention
Domestic Abuse Prevention and Awareness

Volunteer Experience

Foley, AL, USA

Aug 2016 - Present
I am a very dedicated participant in this program. My responsibilities include tutoring students, mentoring new students at my school, making formal reports when I find that someone is in emotional or physical danger, participating in anti-bullying, anti-suicide, and mental health campaigns, as well raising money for Hoops 4 Hearts. I also assist in the organization of Red Ribbon Week and the JCMF Annual Rodeo every year. I also have formal training in how to deal with someone who suffers from mental illness which I carry into my everyday life.
Foley, AL, USA

Oct 2018 - Present
As a member of this program, I have participated in annual canned food drives, Operation Christmas Child, as well as gathering resources for local animal shelters. I have also raised a lot of money for this organization over the years. As far as personal service hours, I have participated in Campus Cleanup, helped teachers set up their classrooms for a new school year, and helped the Boy Scouts of America at community events with making food and selling products.
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Alternative Rock

Panic! at the Disco
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The Emperor's New Groove
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I want to go to Amsterdam and stay in a cottage by the water. I would also love to visit Italy and experience all the food it has to offer. My top place to visit is Pig Beach in the Bahamas.

Family Life

I want to have several children in the future. My ultimate priority is to give my future children a better childhood than I had. I would also love to become a foster parent.
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Foley High School


Aug 2017 - Present

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English Language
Sports Medicine
English Literature

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National Honor Society
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National Society of High School Scholars
Junior Ambassadors