Margaret LaPointe

Margaret LaPointe

Brockton, MA, USA

Last updated January 30, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

No goal is set too high to reach, you just need to build stairs to get to it.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

My first job was as a swim instructor at my high school. They had showed me what teaching was like but did not show me how to teach. Once I worked at The Y I had been showed how to teach and fell in love with it. Although, teaching swim lessons were no easy feat. It has taken me three years to master it and I am still learning. I started off as an assistant, teaching at my high school. As it was not my own lesson, I observed rather than engaged. Once I started working at The Y everything changed. First, I shadowed, then I taught my own class.

Interesting Factoid

I can play nine instruments, although I’m not proficient in all of them I can play a tune or two.



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United States of America

What I Do  

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Health Care

Volunteer Experience

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth

Plymouth, MA, USA

Aug 2020 - Present
I bring wheelchairs for outpatients, then if they still need me I would bring them to where they need to go. I would bring specimen from the nurse’s station to the lab, and bring any patients belongings from the front desk to the nurse’s station.



Hiking, playing trumpet

Food & Drinks

Impossible burger, sprite, French fries



Music Genres, Groups & Artists

Music Genres: Rock and Roll, Classical, Folk, Pop

Groups & Artists: Earth, Wind & Fire, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley

Sports, Teams, Athletes

Sport: Swimming

Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses

Movies: Cars, Zootopia, The Addams Family

TV Shows: The Good Place, Carmen Sandiego, Hart of Dixie, Lucifer

Actresses: Kristen Bell, Rachel Bilson


Netflix, Disney

Bucket List  

Go outside of the country

I have dreamed about going to see Niagara Falls or England. Either places would be so cool to go to.



Sep 2017 - Present

Clubs and Communities

National Honor Society

Nov 2019 - Present
A group for students with high academic grades. They need to apply to get into this group.

Foreign Language Honor Society

Apr 2019 - Present
If you continue to get As in any language without a single B, you can become a part of this group.

Academic Interests


Extracurricular Activities

Senior Jazz band
Swim Team