Marcos Hung

Marcos Hung

San Mateo, CA, USA

Last updated September 21, 2020

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A Little About Me

I've always been passionate about data. The way data can mislead or present itself in a deceptive manner always has intrigued me. For example: In World War 2, the Royal Air Force suffered extensive losses to anti-aircraft fire and wanted to save their pilots' lives by reinforcing their fighters' armor. Their initial approach was to examine the planes that returned from missions and reinforce the areas that suffered the most amount of damage. While this is an obvious approach, it is fundamentally wrong, because if a plane returned safely with significant damage to a certain area, it is most likely not a dangerous area. The best area to place armor would be the areas in which the planes that returned do not have damage to them, because the planes that did suffer damage to those areas never made it back. This is a case in which not having a true random sample in their data caused them to make a rash decision, but thanks to the cleverness of mathematicians and statisticians at the time, saved lives. As I pursue my career in software development I've kept my love of statistics with me, creating projects that utilize statistics and accurate models. My passion for both programming and statistics made it clear for me that big data engineering and data science were perfect for me and I continue to work on projects that utilize large datasets and analytics. I'm a motivated third-year at San Jose State University studying Computer Science and currently looking for opportunities that allow me to apply my software engineering and statistical skills. Feel free to contact me at!

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Map View

Hong Kong

What I Do  

Professional Experience

Developer Intern

Jul 2020 - Aug 2020
• Developed Python application to automate sending custom emails with GUI using Tkinter, BeautifulSoup, and smtplib • Established backend of website using Django to connect to SQL database and authenticate a secure login • Followed Agile methodology, including sprint planning, to create a foundation for the website in an 8-week period

Data Structures Teaching Assistant

Jan 2020 - Jul 2020
As a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Data Structures course at SJSU, I helped review and debug 167 students' homework and projects to streamline the grading process. I also helped build the foundation of the class's knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms by explaining and illustrating topics such as Inheritance, Polymorphism, Recursion, Sorting, Stacks, Queues, Linked-Lists, Trees, Maps and overall best coding practices. I ensured that every student got constructive feedback on their code to ensure that their foundation of data structures was exceptional in order to help them succeed in future course work.
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Professional Organizations

Vice President of Finance

May 2020 - Present
• Managed a team of 6 to plan and execute 10+ fundraisers generating over $3,000 in a 10-week period • Supervised and coordinated scheduling and tracking of volunteers by utilizing excel to oversee participants and holding those who fail to meet expectations accountable, increasing participation by 26% • Generated concise data visualizations in Tableau for quantitative analysis and presentation to other board members

Professional Expertise

Software Development
Web Development
Machine Learning

Professional Interests

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning



Bachelor's, Computer Science

Aug 2018 - Present