MacKenzie Korent

MacKenzie Korent

Hudson, WI, United States

Last updated January 22, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

Freshman World Bachelor in Business Student at USC

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I grew up and graduated high school in Hudson, Wisconsin, a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. I love learning and discussing my thoughts with my friends, family, and classmates. While I am more naturally introverted than extroverted and love curling up with my cat, a book, and a cup of coffee, I also love meeting new people and pushing myself to create meaningful, long-lasting connections with others. This love of relationship building means group projects and collaborative experiences inspire me. I enjoy the opportunity to learn from others while also contributing my own ideas.

Interesting Factoid

I own a horse named Angelo

What I Do  

Professional Experience


Jul 2020 - Present
Pack carry out orders efficiently and accurately Resolve customer complaints and request manager support when necessary Formulate a seating plan for the reservation list to minimize wait times and maximize profit Engage customers in phone conversation regarding take out and bulk orders, gift cards, reservations, etc.

Professional Expertise

Customer Service

Professional Interests

Social Entrepreneurship
Marketing Strategy

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Racial & Gender Equality
Gun Control


Volunteer Experience

Wisconsin 4-H Leadership Council

Madison, WI, USA

Nov 2018 - Nov 2020
(Youth Vice President Nov 2019 to Nov 2020) Fostered youth-adult partnerships to increase communication between varying experience levels, elevating the problem solving ability of the 4-H organization Collaborated with the officer team to set meeting agendas and maintain continuous communication channels (mainly zoom and email) Empowered and mentored new members to take ownership of their leadership journey Strengthened event and internal logistics committees with goal setting, encouraging discussion to improve upon past planning experiences Coordinated youth development conferences and facilitated workshops and social activities for 400+ participants



Watching Marvel/Disney Movies
Playing Card Games
Horseback Riding

Food & Drinks

Black Tea
Soft Serve Icecream w/ Strawberries
Chocolate Shakes
Chicken Tikka Masala

Music Genres, Groups & Artists


Elton John
Billy Joel
The Weeknd
Taylor Swift

Sports, Teams, Athletes

Horseback Riding

Minnesota United

Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses

Crazy Rich Asians
Pitch Perfect
Star Wars
Little Women

Gilmore Girls
The Mandalorian
Game of Thrones

Robert Downey Jr.

Bucket List  

Gallop a Horse on the Beach

Visit South Korea with My Mom



B.S. – Bachelor of Science, World Bachelor in Business

Aug 2020 - Present

Academic Interests

Business Strategy
Management Consulting
Social Entrepreneurship
Product Marketing

Extracurricular Activities

Horseback Riding