Lauren Pfeifer from Maschmeyer Group Ventures

Lauren Pfeifer

Investor at Maschmeyer Group Ventures

San Francisco, CA, USA

Last updated August 24, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

VC Investor by day, EECS student, musician, bird/botany nerd, and builder by all other hours.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Lauren hails from Southern California, but has lived around the globe including Seattle, Idaho, Amsterdam, Munich, Austria, and Switzerland. She started out undergrad as a pre-med major in Biology with a minor in Classics and Astronomy. Her final year she switched to Economics aspiring to join the Foreign Service. Following undergrad, she received a Fulbright to conduct research in Austria and teach English in a tiny rural village in the alps. Her research focused on the Economic Effects of Euroskepticism at a regional level. She then attended graduate school at Texas A&M focusing on International Economics, Chinese Economic Development and Global Financial Markets. After that she worked in Dispute Resolution for Multinational Corporations as an Economic Analyst in Amsterdam and Washington D.C. Spent some time in operations at a Fintech startup in Los Angeles and as a Data Analytics Manager for the Yellow Pages. Prior to MGV, Lauren was an Associate for 500 Startups helping founders in the pre-Series A stage.

Interesting Factoid

Lauren is a musician. She plays keyboard, harmonica, and electric guitar. She's been in blues, rock, and motown cover bands and is most recently in an Amy Winehouse cover band in SF.

What I Do  

Professional Interests

Frontier Tech
Computational Neuroscience