Kevin Chang

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Last updated July 23, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I love seeking new experiences whether in business, startup endeavors, or food!

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I am a multi-year leadership development consultant continuing to use leadership in business to strengthen my acumen, be innovative in problem-solving, and develop my social intelligence. I aspire to use technology to create a safer, happier, and more efficient world. Strategy consulting is my main area of interest but I also really enjoy startup initiatives, playing basketball, and eating Korean barbecue. Besides my professional aspirations, you can find me reading, watching food travel vlogs, exploring the outdoors, and volunteering/serving the greater community. I’m actively looking for internship opportunities for summer 2021/fall 2021 in business analysis, consulting, or product management, so if you think I’d be a great fit for your company, please connect with me! I'm on a mission to help people realize their significance; I want to "inspire to inspire." Together, let's make kindness the ultimate legacy. Email:

Interesting Factoid

I am currently starting a social media marketing agency!



B.S. – Bachelor of Science, Business Administration | Information Systems