Kayla Traasdahl

Kayla Traasdahl

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Last updated December 23, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I think that you shouldn’t take anything for granted and be thankful for all that you have, including the adversities that come your way.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I am currently a senior in high school just counting down the months to go to Boise State University! I have fought long and hard with my grades, family, and friendships to get to where I am in life and to have the opportunity to attend Boise State University this up coming fall. I am bound for success, always being open to a new life, opportunities, and relationships. I grew up in a home without a mother figure since the age of three which honestly sculpted me into who I have become. There were some very hard adversities I have faced with not having a mother figure present most my life, either it being not knowing how to handle situations, not having the advice from a mother, or if I was even going to be able to push through some of the times. If I had a chance to change anything, I would not change a single peck. If it weren’t for the challenges and successes of all kinds I faced, I would not have become the stronger and wiser individual than I ever would have dreamt while growing up. My goals would include living a life as the first generation college student, pursuing my nursing career, and starting a family of my own. I am going to pursue those three goals for myself, my four siblings, and my many cousins that all look up to me, being the oldest in the family so they know it is more than possible to turn their dreams into reality. I am a go-getter, a hard-worker, and an optimistic individual ready for life's next journey while being ready to face those even harder times!

Interesting Factoid

I can juggle 5 balls at one time!



Countries Visited

Map View

I have never been out side of the US!

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Mental Health

Volunteer Experience

Parowan, UT, USA

Jun 2018 - Present
I would volunteer on summers, school days, and etc to help clean up the shop, lead people where to go and help with all tasks necessary.



Traveling, road trips, volleyball, soccer, reading

Food & Drinks

Burgers, sushi, pasta, cherry Italian sodas, waffles


The Wii, Super Mario Bros

Music Genres, Groups & Artists

1940-1990’s, pop, R&B, country, classical

Kanye West, Patsy Cline, Morgan Wallen

Sports, Teams, Athletes

Soccer, volleyball, track

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger

Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses

Ferris Buellers Day Off, Star Wars, Back to the future, Grease, Get out

Criminal Minds, The Office

Adam Sandler



Bucket List  

Go to Greece

I have always wanted to visit Greece with their beautiful waters and amazing restaurants!

Become the first generation college student

Both of my parents went into hair school and I just want more to start off my life with and I think college will be the best experience of my life.



Faith Lutheran

Aug 2016 - Present

Academic Interests