Justin Sivasothy

Justin Sivasothy

Student, University of Texas- Austin

Sugar Land, TX, USA

Last updated January 1, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

I'm an earth-lover and I'm seeking a career that allows me to be outside and play.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I'd like to share a bit about myself in a story: Appamma, pronounced /Upp-uh-ma/, means “father’s mother” in the Tamil language. Appamma was a traditional South Asian grandmother who enjoyed helicoptering over the young and ensuring their stomachs were full. Appamma’s home was a vestige of Sri Lanka nestled inconspicuously in the heart of Dallas. Even as a devout Christian, I was always fascinated by her decadently adorned, Hindu shrines and the colorful half-human, half-beast gods and goddesses they celebrated. And the lemons. There were always lemons. Appamma carefully hid fresh lemons around her home like little yellow Easter eggs to absorb evil spirits. I am the product of an unlikely clash of cultures. My father was a Sri Lankan, Hindu, college senior at Iowa State University. My mother was a Black, evangelical Christian, high school senior from rural Louisiana. My father tutored my mother in calculus and advanced math. A year later, I was born, dangerously premature, weighing two pounds. I was given a simple American name (Justin) to balance my apparently difficult-to-pronounce, South Asian last name. (Sivasothy /SEE-vuh-SOH-thee/) My name tells my story better than my features do. My skin is the deepest ebony, and my hair stands away from my head in a rebellious, explosion of curls. But when most people think of the Asian diaspora, East Asian beauty predominates. No one sees me. When they consider the biracial diaspora, the beauty of Black-white or Asian-white populations is conjured. They still do not see me. My dark skin is often dismissed as a conventional signifier of my Blackness, and too often, my very equal Asian-ness is forgotten because it is not obvious. Ironically, I owe my rich, ebony complexion to my Asian-ness. My father’s Asian skin is much darker than my mother’s Black skin. Living in this rich, cultural duality makes me intentional about delving beneath the surface of my experiences to see what may not be obvious. Science and engineering naturally challenge us to probe deeply to discover the constituent parts of every whole. Geology, in particular, interests me because it is more than just the study of rocks tied to an ancient past—it is a science of deep observation with important lessons for our collective future. Going beyond what we can readily see, opens up unimaginable worlds and possibilities to us. As an electronic test technician in a counterfeit parts detection lab, I also spend much of my shift diligently trying to see the unseen. In the lab, I am always challenged to see beyond a part’s outer packaging. Everything in the lab is about enhancing our observation skills so that we can see as deeply as possible. My favorite tool is the X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy analyzer. With XRF, we can determine the elemental make-up of a subject component’s surface and compare it to known samples. High-powered digital microscopy allows us to see finer surface irregularities, while heated solvent testing allows us to chemically peel away painted coatings to detect surface nonconformities. With manual decapsulation, we can even drill directly into the heart of a device to ensure its authenticity. In this environment, every dimension and characteristic matters. The capacitors, resistors, and microchips that I test are built into engineered systems for aerospace, defense and healthcare. Performing a quick, surface-level review of a component’s authenticity could result in mistakes that substantially impact human lives. So, even if I have seen the same component type come across my lab table a thousand times before, I am still obligated to scrutinize each new presentation as sincerely and as deeply as the first. We should strive to afford the people we encounter the same level of deference. In the lab, we can leverage various physical tools to help us see deeply. In life, our only tool is consistent, meaningful dialogue. Taking the time to venture beyond initial impressions to truly understand what lies beneath the surface of people, situations, and things makes us better humans. Seeing others deeply is active, daily work. However, when we are intentional, flexible, and open to the unexpected, it is no longer surprising that someone like me could also have a loving appamma who has fresh lemons hidden in her couch cushions. When the world understands that, then I will know— I’ve been seen. I will be studying Geosystems engineering and Hydrogeology at UT-Austin in the Fall. My love for engineering and the geological sciences started 500 feet below the surface of the earth in the underbelly of the Hoover Dam. I plan to use my education to proactively research and identify new energy opportunities. I also envision myself working at the forefront of the sustainability conversation as a thought leader, either in industry or in academia, helping countries and companies shape and achieve their sustainability plans.

Interesting Factoid

I've served hard time as a school mascot: bulky lion head, wild mane, and full-body fur suit in the HOUSTON heat. It was a modern-day torture chamber, but I LOVED IT!



Countries Visited

Map View

El Salvador

What I Do  

Professional Experience


Jun 2017 - Present
Screen microchips as a lab technician in an electronics counterfeit detection lab under guidance of senior engineers. I measure and inspect material with microscopes, test manufacturer ink markings with heated chemicals, and perform x-ray analysis testing using x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF).

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Professional Interests

Energy Services
Environmental Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Energy security
Climate Change

Volunteer Experience

Walked and socialized dogs with special needs. Supplied food and water to dogs. Cleaned kennels.
Houston, TX, USA

Aug 2019 - May 2020
Worked in the food pantry handing out meals to needy local families. Worked in the warehouse sorting out clothes for the homeless.
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Cross Country

Food & Drinks

Mutton Curry
Mango Lassi
Butter Chicken


Mortal Kombat

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Katy Perry

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Dallas Mavericks

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Under Armour

Bucket List  

World Travel

I would like to visit Indonesia and try the food there.

Redwood Forest

I've been wanting to see the towering redwood trees at Redwood National Park.
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University of Texas at Austin

B.S. – Bachelor of Science, Geosystems Engineering & Hydrogeology

Aug - Present

Aug 2017 - Present

Clubs and Communities


Senior House Leader

Aug 2020 - Present
Elected Logos Prep House Leader (House of Asher)

Academic Interests

Environmental Science

Extracurricular Activities

Cross Country
Drum Line
Tennis Team