Josilyn Lema

Josilyn Lema

Danbury, CT, USA

Last updated November 5, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I am a first-generation bilingual student, trying to demonstrate my ability to succeed as a registered nurse.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I was born in a small town in Connecticut called, Danbury. My parents decided to settle down here after arriving in New York as immigrants. Day through day, my parents have provided for all four of their children with hard work and dedication. I have seen the struggles my parents faced as immigrants without a high school diploma. For them, finding a job was hard for them and they had to take whatever job they could find. Today, I am trying to make my parents proud and to demonstrate to them and myself my capability to succeed in nursing. I know that I can achieve this as I am a hardworking, determined, and resourceful student. Many teachers can tell you that I am a responsible student who has good grades and who has helped students when they needed help. An example of this was when I had to help an English learner in my History class, my teacher never expected me to help her, but it reminded me of my parents or myself who once did not understand English. This is why I am determined to become a nurse and be that voice for the Spanish speaking community, not only that but to help them whenever they need. It is hard being a world where English is the primary language because you become lost. I will always be there for the people who need as a friend, student, and one day a registered nurse.

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I have been my parents interpreter since I learned english.



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