Jordan Cotton

Jordan Cotton

Loganville, GA, USA

Last updated January 30, 2021

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A Little About Me

My name is Jordan. I'm a senior in high school and super excited to start college soon. I was born in Maryland and moved to Georgia when I was 2, so Georgia is pretty much all I know. When i go to college I want to study to become a nurse. I want to become a nurse because I want to save peoples lives and treat people so they will feel better. I like to bake, hang with friends, enjoy the outdoors and many more. I love to listen to K-POP. BTS has been my favorite Korean boy band since i was in 9th grade. My favorite animal is a dog because they are so loving and they will really become your best friend. One thing i love about myself is that I'm biracial. My mom is African American and my dad is Caucasian. I love being biracial because i find it very unique and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have 2 siblings, one older and one younger so that makes me the middle child. We all know how that goes. As a kid I was very outgoing and I loved meeting new people.

Interesting Factoid

I have played on the lacrosse team for 2 years and have been in the orchestra for 6 years.



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