John Iglesias

John Iglesias

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Last updated September 3, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I'll give you one word: Storyteller.

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I’ve always liked the idea of being creatively involved in a variety of roles. As a director of brand marketing, I want to sense the pulse of everything around me so I can help create experiences to best serve customers on their journey. It’s an experience I believe most creative people share today, as everyday newer and better tools are available to tell the stories of the communities we target. It’s where I have found my passion. I have worked for the beauty, entertainment & fashion industry for over a decade and I’ve worn many hats. For the purposes of this submission, what I’m most proud to report to you is that I've been a proficient project manager, a bold and innovative content strategist, and a passionate manager of brand marketing, working with teams with an acute focus on the digital space and social communities. I've been responsible for managing the strategies of all social media and digital touch points for a brand and in the case of Barneys New York, not only did I collaborate with marketing and editorial teams to produce engaging and targeted content calendars, but the efforts were focused on increasing tangible conversion in- store visits, for which an innovative review of social data was key. I’ve also taken on the challenge of building a brand from the start up point, and provided a vision and the necessary strategies and tactics to improve its visibility and set it on the organic path to conversion and growth. I also spent valuable time being an account manager for a corporate creative environment where the priority was not only to bring business, but to maintain it, and to use strategic marketing principles to apply them across platforms and audiences. I have a proven record in client management and high level talent interaction skills, which helped me not only to create business but to possess a strong presentation, no matter which role I played. My background began with producing and managing the creation of documentaries and bonus feature material for Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Back then, I increased the quality of content production by upgrading staff leadership and stimulating individual task ownership during production. I love to lead a team as much as I love to dive in and solve problems independently. In light of current interests, my aim is to take my years of experience to help diminish your everyday challenges and help your team and your audiences win. Sincerely yours, John Iglesias

Interesting Factoid

I was raised in Spain and have lived in 3 continents around the world.



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Content Production
Digital Strategies
Social Media
Digital Marketing

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Social Media
Content Production
Art Direction
DIgital Strategies
Digital Marketing



B.A. – Bachelor of Arts, Film Production