Jeff Tidwell from Next For Me

Jeff Tidwell

CEO & Co-Founder at Next For Me

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Last updated October 9, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Next For Me was founded by Jeff Tidwell in 2017 to help people take career transitions in their stride. He began his career with alternative newspapers and then moved online where he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York overseeing online communities and user experience for E*TRADE, WebMD,, MarketTools, Chirp Interactive and many startups. He has been a featured speaker at TechInclusion, Boomer Business Summit and is the author of Forbes’ “Chronicles of a 50+ Entrepreneur”, and a guest on career podcasts. He is the co-author of “Next For Me: A Guide To Change For Everybody“.

Interesting Factoid

I paint, garden, and sing.

What I Do