Jake Bjorseth from Trndsttrs

Jake Bjorseth

Founder at Trndsttrs

Kansas City, MO, USA

Last updated January 20, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

I am the 21-year-old founder of Trndsttrs, a Gen Z agency helping brands understand and reach, you guessed it, Gen Z.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I help brands understand and reach Gen Z, with our Gen Z Ad Agency, Trndsttrs. As the founder & CEO of Trndsttrs, I guide our 24 person team of 20-somethings across campaigns with brands like McDonald's, UnitedHealthCare, The North Face, Denny's, and more... I host the Trndsttrs Podcast featuring CMO guests from the likes of Coca Cola, IBM, Facebook, Amazon,... and 50 more episodes with marketing executives from your favorite brands. My purpose in founding Trndsttrs is to align brands with the desires of a generation that demands more from today's corporations - in doing so, we move corporations to do better for the world and profit for doing so. My confidence is loud, and only derived from the only real ability I have: surrounding myself with incredibly talented people.

Interesting Factoid

I spoke to the same entrepreneurship accelerator that denied me 3 years prior.



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What I Do  

Professional Experience


Founder & CEO

Sep 2017 - Present
Trndsttrs is a Gen Z Ad Agency helping brands understand and connect with Gen Z. As a Gen Z owned and operated firm we leverage our insights as Gen Z and our community of 4,000+ Gen Z across the globe to stay on top of and set trends.

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Jul 2018 - Apr 2019
Social Apex Media pushes the boundaries of the industry by challenging the status quo and revamping the way we create, deliver and consume media. Our dream is to build a new world of advertising; changing the way that people communicate and connect with their community. The relationships we have with our employees and clients yield a great company culture focused on deliverable results through precise strategy.
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Professional Organizations


Mar 2020 - Present
I host the Trndsttrs CMO Podcast featuring CMO guests across the Fortune 500 and the most exciting startup brands.

Professional Expertise

Social Media
Marketing Strategy
Brand Strategy

Professional Interests

Marketing & Advertising
Brand Strategy

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Mental Health
Human Optimization
Food Production & Nutrition
Climate Change

Volunteer Experience

Angels of Grace Inc.

Nov 2016 - Present
Have consistently done volunteer work, as well as projects to help Angels of Grace.

Christmas in October

Oct 2015 - Present
I along with a few of my classmates spent a week fixing homes in poor neighborhoods in Kansas City. We were able to provide the labor, supplies, and the finished products such as a new roof, wall, flooring, and other issues.
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Playing Drums



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Classic Rock

Led Zeppelin
Foo Fighters
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Roddy Ricch

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Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses

The Social Network
Lord of the Rings



Barstool Sports
Super Coffee

Bucket List  


Learn meditation from Monks


Move our company to our own island



Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Global Business

2016 - 2017

Blue Valley North High School

2016 - 2017
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