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Jacob Abramo

The College of Wooster

Wooster, OH, USA

Last updated January 27, 2021

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I grew up on a rural cattle ranch in Oklahoma. When I was twelve a deadly tornado destroyed much of our community. I developed a passion for service helping pick up people's homes and property, and serving meals to families in our church. Helping others is important in my extracurricular activities and work, like this past summer when I worked on a philanthropic network connecting needs and resources. In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, and cooking.

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Economic Development
Climate Change



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Jenny Investment Club


Jan 2018 - Present
I work as one of the managers of the college's endowment. This includes running weekly meetings of our club and presenting annually to the investment advisory board, that oversees the colleges endowment. Some projects that I have worked on are the creation of investment information packets, making our club more sustainable by transitioning from paper reports to digital ones, incorporating ESG to our analysis of stocks, and our annual presentation to the board of trustees. In addition to the above, I regularly assist new members in learning how to research companies and create presentations, and work with other officers to run the club. We actively manage a mid-cap, high growth centered portfolio of $7.8 million. In our research we use reports by Morningstar, CFRA, Valueline, Reuters, and Schwab earnings; along with companies financial statements, metrics, and calculations by individuals in the club.

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