Hana Hubert

Hana Hubert

Wilmington, DE, USA

Last updated December 27, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I am a trans man and an artist, a frequent volunteer and a Muslim—I am not one or the other, but the culmination of every aspect of my identity.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Defining my identity is a process that has lasted as long as I have been alive, metamorphosing through the years as my relationship with myself and the world evolves in parallel. When I was young, I would explode with ideas when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. “An astronaut!” I would exclaim, “Wait no, a scientist!” Time swept past me as a river with no end, and the possibilities of the future for both myself and the life I could create seemed infinite. As I became older and began to get a feel for the world around me, my declarations were more sure. “I want to be an artist,” I would tell everyone who would listen, and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind as I explained my plans, “I want to have a mansion in the middle of the woods with six floors and a dome on top. Look, I drew a picture.” That’s what the future was to me, something that could be designed as creatively and simply as a drawing on paper. A blank canvas with endless potential and no limits.

Life hit me the hardest in my early teen years. The sun didn’t seem as bright, I found no warmth in the embrace of my family, and my attachment to the world I was raised in gradually dimmed. If it hadn’t been for the sketchbooks strewn across my desk, I might have faded away entirely. My identity lost meaning to me, then, because I didn’t see any worth in it. The days where I did think about my future, I saw the river of time flowing through cosmos carrying countless grains of sand. Each grain traveled different distances and had a different purpose, and all together formed the might of the river as it plunged on, but it would not be any less great if one grain settled to the bottom. The future could go on without me.

When quarantine began, I was at my most vulnerable. I had already lost several of the people who meant the most to me because of parts of my identity that were less readily accepted by society. The months dragged on like icebergs on an ocean that knew no end. Halfway through the year I paused and took the opportunity to contemplate what a life that I would be content with might look like. A future where I was not only alive to experience the world as it surrounded me, but in which I would actively participate and find sustenance in. From the haze of a future I couldn’t connect with came the vague outline of places and people and situations that I realized sparked interest inside me. Perhaps—somewhere along the countless bends of the river decades down the line—I could settle against a shore and look back at the course I have taken and smile.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I am 17 now, and I face this question just as often in the present day as I did as when I was a six year old surrounded by crayons and smiling with the whole world in my eyes. I have a different answer to that question now than I did then, but the specifics of my destination are less important to me than they had been before. “I want to hold my pencils in one hand,” I might reply, “and the hand of a friend in the other. I would love to study psychology, to take a seat in my own office decorated with care and creativity, with a cat sitting in the sunlight that comes in the window and a plaque with my name upon it on the door right below the words ‘Art Therapist’. But I would also love to be someone who makes everyone around me feel as though they were coming home.”

One thing that I have come to realize is that life is as fluid as time itself, as meandering as the river that takes me through it, and the place I envision myself to be thirty years in the future may very well not be the place that I end up. Regardless of where I land, however, I can make the time I have spent getting there be just as meaningful. The papers in my portfolio are important, and so are the people in my life that give me the courage to submit them someplace where my career can be advanced. The degrees I plan to acquire after years of studying are valuable, as are the memories I’ll make on the road to achieving them. There is a balance, I believe, between concepts such as happiness and friendship and the material goals of success and accomplishment. When I look to the future, now, I don’t always know what I’ll find. I do know, however, that if I stand on the times of my toes and raise my hand as high as I can, I can look out across the water as it rushes past me and see a figure standing on the far shore waving back. A figure with eyes crinkled with pride and affection, looking back on themselves from the past, and knowing that they made it.

Interesting Factoid

My art has been featured on a popular South Korean television show and shown to the musical artist I had drawn.



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What I Do  

Professional Experience

Walnut Grove Co'op

Teachers Assistant

Sep 2016 - Jun 2019
Taught students basic curriculum, prepared the rooms before and after each class, and supervised youth during lunch and recess. My responsibilities also involved learning the individual needs of each student and encouraging their emotional growth as well as educational development.

Rentwell Real Estate Property Management

Clerical Assistant

May 2018 - Aug 2019
Part-time as an assistant daily in the office of a real estate company. My responsibilities included sorting mail and processing invoices, organizing court papers for evictions, and sending reminders to tenants about rent.
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Professional Organizations


Aug 2015 - Dec 2019
As a saleperson working for a mobile clothing retailer I was responsible for greeting customers, locating what they're looking for, and completing transactions through cash or credit. This job allowed to travel to almost half of the states in America.

Professional Expertise

Working with Youth
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing

Professional Interests


What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Racial Equality
Ending Homelessness
Mental Health
Drug Prevention
Environmental Justice

Volunteer Experience

Christiana, New Castle, DE 19720, USA

Sep 2010 - Jun 2018
I conducted business meetings, wrote and organized meeting minutes, and led community service projects as part of a youth empowerment homeschool group. I participated in this group for 8 years.
Newark, DE 19711, USA

Oct 2015 - Present
As a volunteer for Zakat Foundation of America, a humanitarian organization that works to provide those who are less fortunate with the means to support themselves, I helped gather and distribute bundles of winter clothing containing scarves, socks, hats, and gloves to the homeless in Delaware for 4 years. In December of 2018 we gave 75 bundles to Family Promise and Terrone Bvd Warren’s 11th Annual Coat and Jacket Giveaway, and on Martin Luther King Day we distributed 86 bundles at Emmanuel Dining Hall. We gave a total of 200 bundles by March 2019, and our 2020 Bundle-Up project is currently in progress.
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Music Genres, Groups & Artists

Alternative Rock


Bucket List  

Graduate With Multiple Degrees

I am committed to my education, both out of a love for learning and a desire to prepare myself for the best possible future, and graduating with either a masters or doctorate degree is my end goal.

Become a Licensed Art Therapist

Psychology and Art have always been major interests in my life, and my dream career was born from the union of these two fields. Going into art therapy would allow me to combine all my interests; to learn more about the human psyche, explore the arts in relation to self-expression and healing, and have the opportunity to impact the lives of others.



Home School

Academic Interests

Creative Writing