Geoffrey Dunlop

Geoffrey Dunlop

San Francisco, CA, USA

Last updated July 9, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

Mission-driven marketer focused on making the world a better place.

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Raised in Rhode Island, I planned to have a career science-based, with a focus on marine biology. Attending Texas A&M in Galveston, Texas, I started working for Abercrombie and Fitch, and was drawn to the science of retail. I led stores and districts for Abercrombie and Fitch before leaving for Urban Outfitters. I led their Boston flagships, then left for San Francisco to work for Gap. After leading teams at both HQ and their flagship store, I was ultimately laid off during the great recession. I moved to Los Angeles to focus on marketing mission-driven organizations. Since, I have worked for TOMS shoes, LEGO, Zen Hospice Project, the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, and owned my own marketing and brand company. Today, I live in San Francisco with my partner.

Interesting Factoid

I have traveled to 49 states. I have been to the Academy Awards, Oprah's home, and someday would like to compete on Survivor.

What I Stand For  



B.S. – Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology

B.A. – Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Merchandising