Erika Monteverdi from Health Executive

Erika Monteverdi

Executive Director at Health Executive

Hillsborough, CA, USA

Last updated April 21, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

I am a heart-forward, value-driven, deeply passionate person.

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. My first language was Italian and I learned English just in time for preschool.  I am a coach's daughter, a sister to two older brothers,  and my mom is my best friend.  I was fortunate to have been surrounded by grandparents who also taught me what it meant to be hard-working immigrants.  The values instilled by my family still define me today, and I hope to pass this on to my own three children.  

I began my career in e-commerce, and after receiving my MBA, I worked in strategic consulting, e-commerce start-ups, marketing, and communications. I am now applying everything I learned in other industries and in other countries to health care in the US.

Interesting Factoid

I got my first job at age 14 (yes I lied about my age) at Benetton and become the #1 salesperson in the first month.


Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish.

Countries Visited

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United Kingdom, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands

What I Do