Emily Corradi

Prescott, AZ, USA

Last updated December 20, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

"I'm one of those regular weird people" - Janis Joplin

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A Little About Me

I was born screaming. Literally, yes, (my mother never fails to fondly mention this on my birthday), however, I'm referring to something a little more metaphorical. I think I was born screaming at the world "Hey, I'm here! What was that... ah the things I am going to do? Yeah, they're going to be impactful, you'll see!" I've never done anything without passion, even from a young age. If I was going to love reading, I would read until my parents hid all the flashlights in the house so I couldn’t read at 2am. If I was going to enjoy coloring, I would decorate the walls of my room with red and yellow haphazard scribbles of marker and zest. I was (am) so “me” that everything I did absorbed into my soul like a curious, growing sponge. And now, as a senior in high school at BASIS Prescott in my small hometown of Prescott Arizona, I'm a tidal wave of artistic passion. As a person who wears eccentric outfits of bright oranges and lazy purples, with massive earrings and mix matched shoes, I stick out like a sore thumb. And like a sore thumb, I constantly let you know I'm there, chatting and asking question because it's such a wonderful thing to make connections with complete strangers. I love to take walks downtown and talk with the people there. I often bring my sketchbook with me too because you never know what scene you might capture. Every year, I participate in poetry contests and art completions and creative challenges like some sort of misplaced Tolkien elf taken from a peaceful forest and plopped smack dab in the middle of a growing city. So hi, I'm Emily Corradi of Prescott, Arizona, I love art and building connections and I make it a life goal to bring change to at least one person's life.

Interesting Factoid

I can do weirdly accurate impressions of celebrities and cartoon characters.



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