Daria Gittsovich

Daria Gittsovich

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Last updated November 6, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

My name is Dasha Gittsovich and I am currently a junior in Minnetonka High School, living in Minnesota. Once I graduate next year, I am looking forward to entering college and prepare for a career in helping people. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always focused on helping others, whether someone from my family, community or anyone vulnerable. The drive to help people runs in my family as I was adopted when I was just a year old from an orphanage in eastern Russia so that I could have a better life. My parents immigrated from Russia to the United States nearly 30 years ago and adopted me because they wanted to help someone from their birth country. They are now in their late-60s and are officially of retirement age. Despite this, they still take care of me and are working hard to raise me as a contributing member of society. Some of my first memories are about my grandmother who lived with us until last year when she passed away at the age of 95. For the last couple of years of her life, I helped her with many aspects of her daily routine, including helping to bath, eat, and clean up. Caring for her during those last years of her life helped me realize that I want to spend my life helping people, taking care of the sick, and guiding them through illness on the path to health. I believe becoming a Physician Assistant will allow me to achieve this goal and intend to focus my future studies on this path. I have strong grades, help in my community, and am a leader in numerous student and volunteer organizations which should position me well to get into the school of my choice. However, the cost of college will be a key determinant as to the school I am actually able to afford to attend. Of course, my parents want to help me in any way that they can, but with their upcoming retirement and the significance of the expense, it is critical for me to find a way to pay for the best school I can get into on my own.

Interesting Factoid

When I was about 8, I came home from an event and wanted to show my grandmother how to do a backbend. I always loved impressing my grandmother because she would always be proud of me when I accomplished something. I did the back bend and had a hard time balancing myself and so instead of trying again, I threw a tantrum because I thought I wasn’t able to impress her. At that time she was able to walk so she came up to me and told me to quiet down and do it again. Only this time she gave me advice on how I need to squeeze certain muscles in order to stay balanced. I listened to her and I was able to do the backbend for a longer time. She was proud of me and even gave me some chocolate after. The advice my grandmother gave me about kindness and giving me the passion to help people reflected on the way I coached for rhythmic gymnastics. There was a time where a young girl, about 7 years old was transferring into a new level. She was excelling in her previous level but wasn’t there for her new level so I was the one to step over and help her out. My group of students and her were learning new rope tricks and the one particular girl who was transferring couldn’t get the trick. She threw a tantrum, threw her rope at me starting crying and saying how she doesn’t want to do anything. Even my head coach yelled at her and told her to leave if she wont stop crying. I came up to her and told her to not listen to her and just relax. I let her go to the bathroom to wash up, let her drink some water(even gave her a granola bar which I wasn’t supposed to do) and told her to come back to the class. I stood behind her and did the trick with her so she understands the fundamentals of the trick. After a few tries together, I stood away and asked her to do it herself. She aced it from the first time and was smiling like never before. I told her that I knew that she could do it and all it took was some patience. She started showing off to everyone and we were both very happy.


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