Brianna Pelchar

Brianna Pelchar

Burlington, CT, USA

Last updated November 16, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Brianna Pelchar. I live in Burlington Connecticut with my family. I have two siblings (my brother, Aaron, and my sister, Allie) who are both in college at the moment. I also have three dogs, Arizona, Utah, and Rhody (short for Rhode Island). I go to school at Lewis S. Mills where my dad is the athletic director. I get to see him a lot through the school day, he is even my golf coach in the spring. I play volleyball and basketball as well, so I get pretty busy throughout the school year. I also am a musician; I've been playing piano all my life and more recently have picked up both guitar and bass. For an extra hobby, I do extremely mediocre art. My work is never very good, however, I enjoy it anyway. I hope whoever is reading this is staying safe during these difficult times.

Interesting Factoid

I once ran a half marathon after only a month of training. I can also solve a Rubix Cube.



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