Benjaman Johnson

Head of Early Stage Life Science at Silicon Valley Bank

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Last updated December 22, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I'm passionate about working with people who aren't afraid to challenge boundaries, possess "change mindset" and are goal-oriented. This manifests in my day job of leading Silicon Valley Bank's early stage life science business. I'm a right-brain dominant thinker, I enjoy observing the irony of most things in life & never cease to be amazed by both human ingenuity (and treachery!). I have been happily married for almost a quarter century and I'm almost done raising three fantastic boys & very much look forward to sharing in their adult life journey. In addition to having a love for the outdoors and "being off-grid" on the weekends, I am a DIY masochist and I'm also passionate about music of all kinds, and find solace, personal satisfaction & utter enjoyment performing guitar and vocals across a variety of musical genres.

Interesting Factoid

I bought a small cabin and completed a full-gut renovation over a span of 24 months


but in decline)

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