Anthony Mozloom

Pottsville, PA, USA

Last updated December 17, 2020

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I was born in Pottsville, PA, and moved from school to school. My mother and father never married, and my mother died when i was living with my father when i was 9. I currently live with my father and stepmother in the town i was born, in my grandfather’s house. He too passed, when I was 14. I am currently employed at Dunkin Donuts, the one closest to my own home, about a mile from my house. Working there is fantastic, as i get to see the smiles of those i serve and the pay there is quite nice. The pay i get automatically goes towards my college fund. All in all, I am content with my life, for now, but i wish to go to college when i get out of high school this year.

Interesting Factoid

I have gotten an award for performing 10,000 algebra 1 problems on the website Get More Math within a week during my freshman year of high school.



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