Anna Bucher

Anna Bucher

Pensacola, FL, USA

Last updated December 21, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I am that person that no one never notices. I am that quiet individual who tends to keep majority of her thoughts to her self. My days consist of constantly running crazy, different scenarios through my head all day trying to figure out who I really am in this world. I am 21 and trying to still figure out what my absolute favorite interests are. Don't ask me anything about a hobby because I don't believe I have one. Unless working a job and being apart of my own little family is one. Speaking of that, I am a mother of two boys and married to my amazing husband who gets me through the tough times in life (especially 2020). My life is nothing but the ordinary on the outside to many strangers. But to those that really know me like my family know that I am something special and I love all people of all kinds.