Allana Baroni

Calabasas, California

Last updated February 11, 2021

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I'm a native Californian, proud that my family was part of the Donner Party who blazed the Oregon Trail with fellow settlers and embedded the pioneer spirit in my DNA. Not surprisingly, I'm professionally a collection of side-hustles, a.k.a. a Renaissance Woman. I lived in Singapore where I wrote my first book, instigated an international pub-crawl to write another, regularly appeared on the Oprah Show as a socializing & gift-giving expert, produced broadcast tv segments & celebrity weddings, acted as a spokesperson for Starbucks, and edited my own magazine column. I've learned the advice, "you can accomplish anything you put your mind to," is true, and am grateful for that knowing. My life experience prepared me to become a mother to my daughter Ava, who came in way wiser than me! We surf, and golf while navigating life together. Our family mission statement is pretty simple; recognize that our real job is to enjoy our lives.    


I'll leave you with this: I've had the privilege of partnering with wildly talented business leaders, individuals, producers and thought leaders. Through these partnerships, I gained an insider's perspective from attending, covering, and producing newsworthy events and learned to be perpetually curious. My passion for research, writing, social issues, and homemaking has connected me with the core goodness of people. My life experience has taught me to recognize good, that I can create great, and to love a challenge no one wants to take on.      

Interesting Factoid

I'm a magician. I'm a student of the craft so I can visit and brighten the day of hospitalized kids. In other news, I appeared on the first Oprah's Favorite Things show, and interviewed Harry Cipriani of Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy about the origins of the famous (Peach) Bellini cocktail.


My song of regret is that I don't fluently speak another language. I speak food French, greetings Spanish, and aspirational Italian. I resolve to dive into Duolingo or Rosetta Stone!

Countries Visited

Map View

United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Monaco, Norway, Morocco, Seychelles, Fiji, Palau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Egypt, Madagascar, Kenya, Rwanda, Japan, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan

What I Do  

Professional Organizations

Professional Expertise

Lifestyle Expert and Socializing Consultant: • Random House | Author • Readers Digest | Author • Statement Magazine | Contributing Editor, Social Statement column • CSQ Magazine | Contributing Writer: Business, Real Estate & Personal Profiles • USA Today Weekend Magazine | Writer / Featured Expert • Real Simple Magazine | Holiday Stress Survival Guide Feature • Harpo Productions | Contributor to the Oprah show and • NBC News | Writer / Expert, Digital & Broadcast • ABC | Contributor to Live! Kelly & Ryan: Digital & Broadcast • Starbucks | National Holiday Campaigns: Writer / Consultant Digital & Broadcast • Warner Bros. Studios | Special Event Producer / Designer • Disney | Baby Einstein Campaign: Writer / Consultant Digital, Broadcast & Print • Claritin | Holiday Stress Campaign: Writer / Consultant Digital, Broadcast & Print • Brandless | Pop Up Event Producer / Consultant • Microsoft's MSN Network | Holiday Campaign: Writer / Consultant Digital, Broadcast & Print • Hallmark | Countdown to Christmas Social Media Campaign: Writer / Consultant • Red Envelope | Gift Giving Campaigns: Writer / Consultant Social Media & Broadcast • Proctor and Gamble | ThermaCare National Campaign: Writer / Consultant Broadcast • Lands’ End | National Campaign: Writer / Consultant | Broadcast & Print • Johnson & Johnson | Product Launch: Writer / Consultant • Perrier | National Holiday Campaign: Writer / Consultant Digital, Broadcast & Print • memBrain | Writer / Consultant • | Writer / Expert Digital • Jim Beam Brands | National Campaign: Writer / Consultant Digital, Broadcast & Print

Professional Interests

Research, Writing, Social & Judicial Equality


Marketing and Partnerships: G.O.A.T. Fuel - energy drink

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Social & Judicial Equality, Fair Housing, Economic Opportunities, Education Reform



Sushi Making, Pasta Making, Crafting, Hiking, Sea Shell and Sea Glass Collecting, Fort Making

Food & Drinks

Shrimp and Grits y'all, Sushi, Tapas, Indian Food, Pizza, Salads (of all kinds), Truffle French Fries, and Herbed Nuts,


Old School Charades, Poker, Slap Jack, Never Would I Ever / Never Have I Ever

Sports, Teams, Athletes

Surf, Golf, Swim, Cross County Running

Bucket List  

Allana Baroni

Professional: Summed up as, "Find a job you love doing, and you'll never work a day in your life." - Mark Twain

Personal: Current - Learn to play guitar, learn to speak Spanish fluently, live on a boat for 3 months, dive the Great Barrier Reef, ski the be continued.



The Usual Stuff + Magic Colllege @ The Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

Academic Interests

Journalistic Objectivity, Socioeconomic Systems, Unbiased Research Methods, The Effects of Socializing on Mental Health

Extracurricular Activities

Mind: young entrepreneur mentoring. Body: surf, golf, swim. Spirit: hike, yoga, mediation.