Alexis Allen

Alexis Allen

Kamuela, HI, USA

Last updated December 25, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

I have a childlike energy and curiosity, and I try to see the best in people. I stay true to myself and don't let anyone tell me who I can/cannot be.

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Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Growing up in a conservative household, I used to be a transphobe. Then I realized I was trans. Confusion, isolation, and self-loathing dominated the majority of my life as I lived in a world where being myself was strictly prohibited. This seems to be a common experience among many trans individuals, but it does not have to be. Being miserable should not have to be a prerequisite for being trans. Aside from being considered a worthless degenerate by a considerable percentage of the population, being transgender presents a unique and valuable human experience which society can learn a great deal from. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to break down many of the negative stereotypes I held against trans people and finally come to terms with who I was. Although I was physically isolated from others, I had never felt a greater sense of community and understanding as I educated myself on these issues and separated myself from toxic influences. I now want to make it my purpose in life to help others accept themselves and come to discover what I had, which include the following: 1. No human being is inherently more valuable than any other human being. Our identities are completely made up of either biological or environmental factors, neither of which we have any control over. Because of this, it is unfair to place blame on anyone for any reason. That does not mean that you can excuse certain toxic behaviors in people, but it means that you can understand them and choose to help rather than punish or fight. 2. A person's identity lies within their brain, not their body. However, our bodies do have a great effect on our brains as they control how we see ourselves and how others see us. There is nothing wrong with changing the way in which we present ourselves if it greatly improves our mental health. Looks say nothing about who a person truly is, but it is almost impossible for everyone to completely eliminate the assumptions they make based on appearance. 3. It is hard to find what we are truly passionate about when we spend our lives chasing certain labels. Labels are incredibly important as they create a sense of community, but they need to be more inclusive. From a young age, we have an innate sense of who we are even before we are poisoned by environmental influences. I had spent my life chasing labels that were often associated with masculinity, such as “athletic” and “analytical”. I truly do enjoy being both, but feeling pressured to prove myself in these areas in order to be seen as more masculine becomes harmful as I realized that people will never see me in the same way that I see myself. I did not escape one box just to be shoved into another. Chasing these labels also led me to choose activities that I only enjoyed because they changed the way in which I was perceived. I began my first semester in college as a mechanical engineering major until I realized that I only chose the major for the badass aesthetic of being a “woman” in STEM who makes more money than most men. Personally, I do not wake up every morning excited to design and perform calculations on various systems, but others do. However, I am enthusiastic about the diverse ways in which humans experience reality and putting together the great puzzle that is each human being. I do not want anybody to feel the same way as I did before I had the language to explain who I was. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable within their own skin. My journey is only beginning but I am so fortunate to live in a society that is gradually becoming more accepting and to finally discover a community of people who share very similar experiences.

Interesting Factoid

I was a gymnast for 10 years and am currently on my university's dive team. I can spin *really* fast



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What I Do  

Professional Experience

Kona Aerials Gymnastics


Dec 2020 - Present
I begin coaching young team-level gymnasts at the end of this month. I have experience coaching voluntarily as well at several different clubs.

What I Stand For  

Social Causes

Mental Health
LGBTQ+ Rights
Animal welfare
Black Lives Matter
Climate Change
Occupy Movement


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Volunteer Experience

Waikoloa Village, HI, USA

Sep 2016 - May 2018
I assisted in planting trees at a nearby non-profit tree sanctuary. I learned the importance of giving back to our environment and respecting native land.




Food & Drinks

Ice Cream
Chicken Tikka Masala

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The Eagles
Green Day
Mother Mother
Pink Floyd
Jon Walker
The Young Veins
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Rolling Stones
Fleetwood Mac
Billy Joel
Bon Jovi
Tom Petty
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Guns N' Roses
Simon & Garfunkel
Arctic Monkeys

Sports, Teams, Athletes


Shawn Johnson
Simone Biles

Movies, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses

Jurassic Park
Star Wars

The Mandalorian
Stranger Things

Bucket List  


I want to travel the world and discover other cultures and ways of life.


I want to live as a man and be a voice for the trans community as we are severely misrepresented in the media.
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Psychology, political science

Sep 2020 - Present

Clubs and Communities


Sep 2017 - May 2020
I was on the National Art Honors Society in highschool.

Academic Interests

Political Science
Cognitive Science

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