Alexander Eckert

Alexander Eckert

Temple City, CA, USA

Last updated December 18, 2020

One Sentence About Me  

"Never Tell Me The Odds." Hans Solo, Star Wars

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

My name is Alexander Eckert and I am extremely interested in recycling. I am applying to college as a first-year student majoring in Computer Science. While attending high school, I have also been taking classes at my community college (Pasadena City College). By the time I become an official Freshman in my four-year college, I will have finished an Associate Degree in Mathematics from PCC. My goal is to become a Quantum Computing Scientist. Recently, as technology has expanded, we have invented computers with the capability to process information way beyond what current computers can manage. These computers are so advanced that we have yet to find real-world applications to fully utilize their capabilities. These computers have the potential to determine future population trends, and we need to better understand how to manage waste with a growing population and a shrinking amount of land for waste purposes. These computers have the potential to calculate waste management patterns among different cultures who have different ideals. These computers have the potential to determine soil toxicity at various depth levels and determine soil regeneration rates based on climate and population changes. As a Quantum Computing Scientist, I would write the code that would give these computers the opportunities to determine trends, find mathematical patterns, and solve problems. My grandparents live seven miles from a large landfill. Huge heavy trucks bring in trash from states over. Their weight has destroyed the roads in my parent’s rural town. The landfill has brought large birds that circle over the landfill night and day. The landfill has brought scavengers. When I work with these quantum computers, I could write the code for them to work on determining safe ways to breakdown trash in landfills. These computers could determine better methods for removing toxins from our soil and our water. We could use these computers to make a cleaner earth for our world for future generations to come. I want to be a partner in taking responsibility for cleaning up our earth. And I really believe the way to do that is to get into those landfills and use what we already have to create a better tomorrow. What we’ve thrown away needs to be recycled.

Interesting Factoid

I'm a grilled cheese and tomato soup connoisseur. I sleep with the air conditioner on even in winter.


English and League of Legends

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Programming 3-D Design Modeling

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Social Causes

Clean Water
Safer Recycling
Cleaning Landfills
Toys for Tots
St. Judes




Food & Drinks

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


League of Legends, Mine Craft, Cube Fall, Valorant, Terraria, Yummy Treats

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Alf, Bill Murray

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Invent Something

Kiss a Stranger on the rooftop of Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc



Academic Interests

Computer Science