Adrian Thornton II

Mr. at Xavier University of Louisiana

Montgomery, AL, USA

Last updated December 30, 2020

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

Hello, My name is Adrian Thornton II and I am a Chemistry Pre-Medicine major at Xavier University of Louisiana. In the future I plan to become an Orthopedic Surgeon Doctor with a specialty in Sports Medicine. I marvel at the opportunity to give an athlete the ability to have a doctor who has experienced some ups and downs of dealing with injuries and be able to understand them on a deeper level. It allows me to make an impact on the athlete's physical health and mental health. Paying for college and medical school is constantly on my mind. I can honestly say financial worries has had its toll on me and my academic success at times. During my time at XULA, my mom has had to continually take out a series of loans for me to continue to attend Xavier. This semester, I have been trying to find ways to help relieve the stress of the financial debt. This includes joining the cross-country and track teams, getting a job as a chemistry drill instructor and chemistry tutor this semester. If I am awarded this scholarship, it would allow me to concentrate more on my studies and make life at Xavier University of Louisiana much easier. I am in this for the long haul and want to give it all I have. I came here to be successful and want to stay here and finish the job! Any help I receive along the way will be a tremendous and needed help!

Interesting Factoid

I currently have four jobs on campus while also running cross country and track. I plan on becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon in the future.