Abhinav Ram

Montgomery, NJ, USA

Last updated March 12, 2021

One Sentence About Me  

"Hard Work Beats talent when talent fails to work hard" Tim Notke

Who I Am  

A Little About Me

I was born in Michigan. I have lived in Montgomery NJ for the last 12 years. I enjoyed meeting new people  and learning about them. I also like to be active whether it be playing basketball at the park with my friend or going on a bike ride. 

Interesting Factoid

I actually have a twin brother

What I Do  

Professional Experience


Sales and Business Development Intern

Mar 2020 - Aug 2020

nterned at Ziplyne, a start up in the field of Digital Adoption Platform that offers an application to a SaaS product that guides both companies and end users. Effectively networked and constructed relations with prospective clients for the application. Aided in the process of building the actual application by creating self help tutorials on top of multiple websites such as Zoom. Additionally, was able to leverage the application by customizing it specifically to a website in order to improve the overall user experience. 

Professional Organizations

Chapter Vice President

May 2019 - Present

uccessfully organized an event called the Montgomery Business Festival.  The event was centered around giving high school students opportunities to attend workshops about entrepreneurship, 5G, Business in Law, Consulting, and Digital Marketing. To ensure the success of the event, over the past two years the club raised several thousands of dollars in funding. Additionally, I helped coordinate multiple different workshops, and had seven different companies involved, with more than 200 students in attendance from all over the state. I did this by successfully networking with business owners in the Princeton-Montgomery area. In order to further ensure the success of the event, I had to carefully persuade potential sponsors and speakers of the event, while also delegating other tasks of the event to my fellow team members. I intend to make the event even bigger next year by potentially hosting it at a larger venue, as the club is currently in talks with the CEO of Penn Medicine Princeton Health, Mr. Barry Rabner, who has valuable connections that could help scale this event to the next level.  

Professional Interests

Business Analytics

What I Stand For  

Volunteer Experience

Sep 2017 - Sep 2019

Part of the Red Cross club at my school and particpated in the organizaition of mutiple food and cloths drives. 

What Inspires Me  




Food & Drinks


Music Genres, Groups & Artists


Post Malone

Sports, Teams, Athletes


Los Angeles Lakers
Boston Celtics


Under Armour

Bucket List  

Bucket List

Retire by 50

travel the world

go sky diving 



Sep 2017 - Present

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